en: Role Players – comics for download

This is a promotional comic strip for Role Players, 20-page comic book (16 pages of story + cover, verse of the cover, credits, back cover) available for reading on-line or for download, either in pdf or in cbr.

Role Players is originally hosted in my website.



pt: Crônicas da insônia

pt: Este é para os insones.
Noctuário provavelmente é um neologismo já que poucos dicionários a definem. É um registro noturno, o contrário de diário, que seria (duh!) um registro diurno.

en: The insomniac chronicles

en: This one is for the sleepless.
Noctuary is probably a neologism once very few dictionaries define the word. It’s a nightly journal, the opposite of diary, that would be (duh!) a day-time journal.

Keep on Trumpin’

en: Love doesn’t win elections. Votes do. :/
pt: Amor não ganha eleições. Votos ganham. :/